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Top 5 Highest Paid Jobs

1) Analyst Business 
Business analytics is used by companies to derive insights from terabytes of data and automate and optimize business processes.Data has become one of the biggest assets and companies deploy business analytics to predict future oitcomes,find patters and relationships and perform statistical analysis.Though the job roles of BA and BI are used interchangeably,there are some key differentiators.The major role of a. BA is-data mining,statistical analysis,predictive modelling and multivariate test.Business Analytics career in India has emerged as the preferred role of choice in IT and ITES industries.
Approximate income-More than 6 lakhs per annum at the beginning level.
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2) Aviation Professionals
The Aviation sector has beenn providing numerous job oppotunities to graduates in india.In the past focused on the aviation sector and groo med students to take on the roles in that sector.Usually Graduates of any discipline used to apply for aviation jobs.They used to get trained after they were selected after an interview.At present,things have changed there are many aviation sector oriented courses present ,which cater to the needs of the aviation industry.
In this article,i will list some of the best Aviation field related courses which students may pursue after finishing their 12th standard schooling.As usual i will provide basic course details,eligibility criteria.scope and job opportunities associated with the course etc.
Average income:
Commercial Pilot- Rs 20,00,000
Helicopter pilot-Rs 18,00,000
Aircraft maintenance engineer- Rs 9,80,000

3) Oil and Natural Gas Sector Professionals
With the rising demands of oil and gas in the national and international market has resulted in the growth of oil and gas industries.
This field offers a rewarding career in the fast growing energy nd hydrocarbon industry.
Experienced-Rs 15-20 lakhs with all other perks.

4) Investment Bnkers
 A fully operating investment bank is usually referred to a financial and banking organization,which provides both finacials as well as advisory banking services to their clients.Apart from that an investment bank even deals with research,marketing and sales of a range of finacial products like commodities,currency,credit,equities etc
Entry Level-Rs 12,00,000
Mid-Career-Rs 30,00,000
Experienced-Rs 50,00,000+

5) Management professionals
There are many reputed institutes that offer bachelors and masters degree in business administration in india.There are several diplomas,under graduate and post graduate programmes in managment.Though courses are availablle at all levels,having aan MBA degree is a must to reach respectable positions.Entrance tests are held to get admitted at bachelor's and master's level.
Entry level-Rs 3,00,000
Mid-Career-Rs 25,00,000
Experienced -Rs  80,00,000

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