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Most Popular Ice-cream Flavours Ever

Its summer and you want your ice-cream to cool off.have you ever wondered which were the most popular ice-cream flavors in the world? Do you see your favorite on the list?
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Was this even a surprise? some of you may think its the most boring flavour ever but you can't argue with how versatile it is.you'll never run out of topping that would go well with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

2) Mint Choco Chip
Some people may call this the "toothpaste flavored ice-cream" but,hey this cream yet minty ice-cream flavour is ridiculously popular because it is an absolute delight on those hhot,humid days!

3) Chocolate
What happens when you combine one of the greatest things in in the  the world with another one of the greatest things in the world? You get chocolate Ice-cream,that'ss what,Yep,that right.it's rich,decadent and absolute perfection.

4) Cookies and Cream
This flavour is super popular among people who like a little bit of texture in their otherwise smooth Ice-creams.The crunchy bits of cookies perfectly complement the soft and mushy ice-cream.

5) Neapolitan
Whether you're someone who's indecisiive or someone who like having the world on their plate,Neapolitan who likes having the world on their plate,Neapolitan ice-cream is sure to tick all your boxes.it has three separate blocks of delicious ice-cream flavors-strawberry,vanilla and  chocolate.just dig in!

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