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How to Protect Yourself From Online bank Fraud 5 Safety Tips

With technological advancements coupled with smartphone and internet penetration,cyber-crimes,debit and credit cards frauds are increasing not only in india but across the world.According to a study by a payments company,during the last five years India and USA are the countries with the third-highest card fraud behind china at 42 % and the Unired Arab Emirates at 44%.
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Here 5 Safety Tips

1) Don't Disclose Your PIN
First of all.do not give your credit or debit card information to any unfamiliar keep the card hidden.No banker will ever ask your personal identification number( PIN).So any0ne calls claiming that he is calling on behalf of your bank and seeks your PIN details,immediately block that phone number and inform the police.

 2) Never Click On Hyperlinks In Emails
If you receive an emails from a stranger or company asking you to click on a hyperlink or open an attachment and then enter your finacial information,delete  the emails immediately.Even If The Emai appears to be from your bank or credit card company.it's more likely a scam knowns as pharming.The better Business Bureau advises consumers to ignore and delete any emails that make these kinds of requests.

3) Use Cash On Delivery Option
Whenever you transact on e-commerce sites,try to go for cash on delivery option.Use your card only when the above is not available and check whether the company is reputable.if you not done any business with it before,do an online search for review and comments before using your card
Most importantly whatever the e-commerce site says,never choose option of save your card details.

4)Be aware of your surrounding at ATM's
When buying anything or withdrawing money from ATM, PIN has to be entered.make sure that no one is looking at you from behind.It is absolutely imperative you keep your PIN secert and close your transaction completely before walking away from the machine.if there is anything at all suspicious,quit your transaction and walk away immediately.

5) Report Lost Cards Immediately.
Act fast and prevent before  it can happen.Don't procrastinate.As soon as you realize your card is missing call the bank and have tem send you a new one.

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