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How to Crete Free Blog

How to Crete Free Blog-Full Information About Blogging

everybody's activity and skillset,which is necessary to manage a blog ,comes into blogging,for example weiting a posts,publishing them,designing, social, marketing etc.in simple words,blogging is a process in which we add new content to a blog,and updates them regularly.
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everyone involved in the process of blogging is called blogger.this is a service provided by google which allows us to create,edit,updates and manage posts.you can easily customize your blogs with the help of a blogger.it helps you can share things of your mind and earn money.this is a very good platform for new users it does not even require technical knowledge.it is managed directly by google servers and hacking it is impossible.

I have given details of all these

Steps 1- Select Best Niche/ Topic for Your blog

Step 2- Choose Correct Platform

Step 3- Buy Domain Name

Step 4 - Design Your Blog

Step 5 - Add important page to your blog

Step 6 -write your articles/posts

Step 7- Marketing and branding your blog.

Step 8 -Learn SEO ( search engine optimization)

Step 9 - Monetize your blogs ( make money from blogs)

Step 10- Improve Your blogs's traffic

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