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Do you Know why "K" means a Thousand

For what reason is "K" utilized for a thousand ? You more likely than not seen numerous spots on the internet that "K" is utilized to indicate 1 thousand, for example,1k= 1 thousand, 2k= 2 thousand and so on.This is on the grounds that"K" indicates Kilo which in Greek method one(thousand).For example,-
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1 Kilograms= 1 Thousand Grams
1 Kilometer= 1 Thousand Meter

Extra Information on ' Why K Stand Thousand' The word 'Kilo' is gotten from the Greek word Khilioi which implies one thousand.At the point when some French researchers were taking a shot at the decimal standard,they put each unit multiple times not exactly the resulting unit.For instance,the units of length are as per the following

For what reason is 'K' composed rather  than 1000?
 10 Millimeter= 1 Centimeter
10 Centimeter= 1 Decimeter
10 Decimeter= 1 Meter
10 Meter=  1 Dekameter
10 Dekameter=1 Hectometer(=100 Meter)
10 Hectometer= 1 Kilometer(=1000 Meter)
Likewise ,in units of weight  units,meters will be utilized rather than meters and litres for units of volume.French researchers gave every unit a name so its worth can be Known.So when the thousand units was to be named,the word ' Kilo' was heard.

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