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4 Ways to find joy in your everyday life

Happiness can't be found in money,possessions of even artificial stimuli,because true and lasting happiness can come only from within.If you are searching for true happiness,you can start by following some simple guidelines and read these 4 commandments of a happy life.

1) Never be afraid of failure
 The first very important tip on how to find happiness in life is never to be afraid of failure.Failure makes you learn things and it only makes you stronger,so don't fear it.No one sets out to fail,but be prepared for it when it comes,and it will come at some time.Take failure as an opportunity to learn and remember,the only real mistake is the mistake that you make more than once.

2) Don't judge yourself against other
Another good suggestion on how too find happiness in life is not to compare yourself against other people.A little healthy completion never hurts anyone,but constantly comparing yourself to other will.Aim to be a better version of yourself,and don't try to be somebody that you are not.

3) Never lie,Never cheat
 Lying and Cheating might give you a short term result,but in the long run you will live to regret it,so our next tip on how to find happiness i life is to nevet lie and never cheat.if you win by cheating or luing,than you will always known,in the back of your mind,that you didn;t really achieve anything and the guilt will always be with you.

4) Do the things that make you smile,things that make you happy
Don't be constantly doing things to please others,do stuff that makes you happy,Doing a job that you don't enjoy or taking part in an activity,just because someone else expects you to,is only going to waste your life away.Choose things that will make you happy,as long as they don't hurt those around you ,and your life will becomes a lot fulfilled.

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