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5 Popular Varieties of Tea Available in India

Chai is the National Drink of india and also the state Drink of Assam,India is second largest producer of tea in the world as well as second largest exporter of tea after China.
India tea culture consumed 70% of the tea within India itself and the trade,industries ,exportation and production are controlled by the tea Board of India.

1) Masala Chai
Masala Chai is the most popular beverage made by mixture of herbs,spices,cinnamon and cloves.Mamri tea plants from Assam region's are used to make masala chai withg different proportions of spices.

Ginger tea and Cardamom tea along with lemongrass are few most popular varieties of tea found in India,roadside tea stall are known as Chaiwala,serve tea in a small glasses,plastic cups,small teacups or clay Kulhar.

2) Noon Chai
Noon Chai or kashmiri tea is the variation of traditional tea usually cooked in a samavar.The pink tea is traditional tea beverage kashmir and also served in many parts Rajasthan and Nepal

3) Butter Tea
Butter Tea made by yak butter,tea leaves and salt himalayan people of india,Nepal and Bhutan.This is known as po cha in tibet and known for its unexpected salty flavor rather than sweet.

4) Green Tea
Green Tea have been used in Indian medicine for a varity of use with list of health benefits.Health benefits of green tea includes Weight loss.Toxicity and Glycemic control.

5) Black Tea
Black Tea are stronger in flavour and produced by all four production regions of india.Large leaved Assamese plants are mainly used for black tea.

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