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5 Largest Hindu Temples in the world,you will be surprised to see their amazing architecture

Temple of Hindu deities exist only in india but around the world.People of the hole world are suprised by seeing the ancient Hindu Temples famous for their vastness and amazing architecture.These amazing structures have been built several hundred year ago without any mechanical support.
Here we are telling you about the 5 largest  Hindu Temples Present in the world.

1)  Angkor Wat Temple Combodia
You must have heard about Angor wat temple in cambodia.It is the largest Hindu temple in the world dedicated to Lord Vishnu.This temple,built in the town of simrip on the banks,built in the spread over hundreds of square miles and millions of toursist come to see it.

2) Akshardham Temple Delhi
The swaminarayan temple on 100 acres of land near the commonwealth khelgaon in delhi is also known as the Akshardham Temple.Its name as the world's largest Hindu temple is also recorded in the Gunnies Book of Record.It depicts 10,000 years old indian culture spirituality and architecture.

3)  Thillai Natraj Temple,Chidambaram
The nataraja temple of lord shiva located in cuddalore,Tamil nadu is also known as Chidambaram Temple. It is one of the major temples of lord shiva and is spread over 106,000 square meters.The unique form od shiva is seen in every stone and pillar in the temple.

4) Ranganatha Swamy Temple Srirangam
Ranganatha swamy temple is located on the banks of the kaveri river at srirangam in tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu.This Temple is of Lord Ranganatha in the form of Lord Vishnu.Lord Ranganatha is considered to be incarnation of vishnu.A 1000-year-old mummy is also preserved in the temple.
5) Belur Math,West Bengal
The Belur math located on the west bank of the hooghly river was founded by swami vivekananda.It is spread over forty acres on the western side of the ganges in howrah district.
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