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5 Simple But Powerful Things To Do First Things In The Morning

The bed is a great place.Comfortable,cosy and warm.I think some days we could stay in there forever.I wonder,though,if you have a different routine in the morning,would it interest you in getting up earlier and looking forword to the day instead of deadingit? Let's see if any of these simple things might get you moving a little earlier.

1) Say Thank You
Even before you open your eyes.You're strring slowly but surely,immediately say thank you for another day.you are alive and made it through to the next day.Express gratitude for that.

2) Meditate
Even if only for 5 minutes.You can do this while your coffee is brewing.Go sit by the window.close your eyes( careful not to fall back asleep) and take some nice breaths in and out.Welcome in the new day and breathe out the fog.

3) Pray
Clearly not for everybody though praying could be just as simple as a small gratitude blessing or affirmation to the universe or your higher power.whatever that is for you.It could be a small wish to make today a good day

4) Drink Water
Before your coffee or tea and before you do anything,get rehydrated.Your bidy has beenwithout any fluids for probably up to 10 hours.it is dehydrated and need some lubricating.Get two glasses of water into you immediately upon rising.you will instantly feel this hydration.

5) journal
Get Your Thought out on paper or maybe even do a gratitude journal.Write out all the things you are grateful for the before the day even begins and you will surely attract more things to be greateful for throughtout the day.

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