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5 Interesting Facts About Japan

1) Bizzare Flavor Of Kit-Kat
Chili pepper,wasabi.sweet potato,grilled corn,Soyabean,salt watermelon,mango,green,and many more these are the kit-kat flavours you can try in japan.

2)Millions Of Vending Machines
Japan has more than 5 milliom of them,because they save time for people,who work late hours,which is a common thing here,japanese vending machines aren't just for snacks and soda,you can buy anythings these machines.

3) Cleaning Classes
Japanese kids learn how to clean in many school because it's part of their education.They mop their classroom and hallways,do dusting and even clean the bathrooms also.Teachers believe it's great way to raise responsibile citizens.

4) Robot-Run Hotel
In a hotel in Nagasaki,robots are a big parts of it's staff.It's called the Henn-na which translated as  strange.The Human like androids meet the guests,clean rooms,carry luggage,make coffe,and even smile.Real people also work there too the recharge the robots and supervise how they perform their duties.

5) Space savings parking lots
Since Japan is a densely-populated country,they don't like the to waste space.that's why their parking lot's have a smart system.They're designed like multi-level garages.

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