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How to Activate free Jio prime Membership for 12 months

Recently,Reliance jio launched great offer for it's prime users.under this offer all the prime users will get 1 year of prime subscription for absolutely free and jio usres are able to enjoy all the prime benefits for another year.if you are a jio prime Member you will now get an option to extend your jio prime Membership for follow these steps for successfully activating prime membership.

Steps to activate jio prime for free:

1) Open My Jio app in your smartphone and you will get the message ' Congratulations,Extend Jioprime for a year,FREE-with Get Now button.

2) Press the Get Now button,you might see the same page again,so keeping trying.There could be lot of load on the server,hence you may not get the next page.But once successful you will get this message 'JioPrime is getting bigger,you are a valued JioPrime Member.And we are extending one full year's subscription absolutely FREE for you.

3) There is the proceed now button below,press that and you are done.You will finally get the message Request Raised successfully that says Your request been registered successfully.we will get back to you shortly.

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